Future of Growth Marketing

What trends propel growth mindset? What do they indicate about future of growth marketing? What should students and aspiring growth marketers study right now to prepare for this role? Key trends that are propelling growth marketing:  We are seeing a new department called “Growth” appear prominently in the organization charts. Growth marketing is taking over some aspects of traditional marketing and sales. It is also gaining influence over many other aspects such as operations, support, product development, etc.Following key trends are propelling proliferation of growth marketing: 1. A greater need for agility.  Growth marketing was born to exploit digital capabilities and survive in this really fast moving environment. Big data let us understand each consumer better, and social media let us target these consumers at a personal level. Business need to be agile to thrive in this environment.  2. A leveled playing field.  It’s no longer true that the player with

Traditional Marketing vs Growth Marketing